Touted these days as poster child for software companies migrating to cloud subscription apps, Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) has for years relied on a loyal audience for Photoshop and Illustrator among creative types.  In 2013 Adobe Announced that it no longer would support box shipments of Creative Suite, and instead made Creative Cloud the new platform with regular and immediate enhancements to satisfy demand for more functional products.

Adobe Reader was introduced as freeware in 1993 and it's impossible for most to imagine a time when Reader and Acrobat were not integral with Microsoft products.  CEO Shantanu Narayen sees the future of Adobe in business intelligence, of the belief that data analytics are going to become more important for their customers creating content and marketing solutions with graphics-intense Adobe products.

You would think the market for Ethernet switching equipment is mature and yes reliable solutions are concentrated among a handful of established competitors.  Software driven cloud Ethernet switch manufacturer Arista Networks (NASDAQ:ANET) with a market cap of $20B is dwarfed by rival Cisco ($200B market cap), but nimble with delivery of products that make distributed servers in a data center appear as the same resource.  This campus architecture is called Virtual Machine (VM), becoming critical in the space.

But wait!  Didn’t IBM introduce Virtual Machine with System 370 in 1972?  What had become old is once again new.  Arista’s reliable product line includes 10/25/40/100 GbE switches with lower latency (speed between ports) than competitors.  And ANET is in multiple partner development agreements to build laser optic, 400 GbE ports with aspirations to be early to market at four times current speed.

Nvidia was featured in an article by New Edge in March 2017 highlighting robust growth with their video, bit-level processors originally suited to the PC gaming market.  What is super-robust is new demand for co-processors, called Graphics Processing Units, which run in tandem with traditional CPU's.  A CPU manages instructions in bytes, like words in the English dictionary.  GPUs work at the bit-level, think of it as letters in the alphabet, able to build and unlimited number of words.

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) is a New Edge Platinum Performer, meaning it has remained near the top of stocks in our research universe every week for the immediately prior 26 weeks, in fact much longer than that.  We’ve noticed the stock has receded to a lower ranking among our coverage group.  NVDA was a $20 stock at the beginning of 2015.  It reached an all-time high over $260 per share in June, growth of 1300% in less than three years.  Love the company but the stock is really rich.