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Equity Analysis

New Edge Analytics is a business opportunity research and investment analysis firm that evaluates financial performance of companies in the Information Technology industry.  Companies in the core research universe illustrate the economic growth and cyclical nature of the inputs to IT manufacturing, nominally software and semiconductors.

proxy discovery

NEA exercises a disciplined approach to performance recognition and seeks proxies.  A company has a proxy when NEA attributes sales growth to a tangible product that, standing alone, makes a positive contribution to earnings and moves the price of the stock.  This is called a pure play – clearly identifiable growth of a business that dominates financial performance of the company.

Performance rankings

On any given day, New Edge tracks individual stocks in the IT industry over a period of the immediately prior 26 weeks.  Companies are ranked in four categories as follows:

  • Platinum Performance - meeting our qualifications for each of the prior 26 weeks without a break.

  • Gold Performance - meeting qualifications for the large majority of the prior 26 weeks with a few breaks allowed.

  • Silver Performance - meeting qualifications for roughly 20 weeks give or take, maintaining a high overall rank in our research universe.

  • Bronze Performance - meeting qualifications for most or all of the preceding 13 weeks. Many times these are IT companies with improving performance recently added to the list.

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New Edge publishes according to our proprietary research interests.  We endeavor to distribute timely posts about rapid-growth companies in the IT industry through this website, email and social media.  Ideas are based on stock market performance, SEC filings, press releases, earnings announcements, management conference calls, among other public and private sources used for due diligence.

NEA supports STEM education, following a thread that the inputs to software development and semiconductor manufacturing are an educated workforce and skilled labor.

cautionary disclaimers

Publications on our website pertaining to individual stocks and industry market performance are not intended as recommendations to buy or sell securities.  New Edge may hold positions and trade stocks of companies in our research universe, in our performance rankings, and discussed in our blog.  Our research can be extremely timing-sensitive.

Readers are reminded that stocks are sensitive to industry cycles, performance of financial markets in general, and may have their own inherent volatility.  Stocks are at-risk securities and can lose value.  Please contact a financial advisor for guidance with your investments.