About New Edge

I've been blessed, I think, having chased two professions in my career:  Joining AT&T in 1983 in the midst of "The Divesture" - the Consent Decree that broke up the phone company.  Finding that turbulent, I moved into the world of investment finance with a large Wall Street firm just months prior to Black Monday in 1987.  Also turbulent.

I kept it up in both industries after that.  Someone told me once that I had chosen two of the most volatile career paths possible given the history of telecommunications and Wall Street finance in the 80's and 90's.  I can say with confidence, that profit opportunity springs from new ideas, swirling with speculation and regulation around them. Entrepreneurial capitalism and our form of government.

New Edge is about technology and investment finance mushed together from experience.  Telecom turned into Information Technology according to fallout from the AT&T breakup, spunky Microsoft - who refused to sellout to IBM - a little company called Apple, and of course the Internet.  Many more great ideas and new companies followed.

Enron and WorldCom produced Sarbanes-Oxley, and ever since, executives of publicly traded companies have been held to a standard that basically says, "Tell the truth or go directly to jail.  Do not pass GO!  Do not collect $200".

I actually find this refreshing.  I pay a lot of attention to earnings conference calls and SEC filings to supplement a handful of my own due diligence techniques.  I try to factor an informal evaluation of the management team.









The Wall Street in me is intrigued with how a great company makes a profit with new ideas and the hard work of their employees, and allows anyone into the party through buying their stock.  The adrenaline of constant change.  It's all about managing risk.

This website is dedicated to showcasing companies with new ideas in tech that have sustainability.  Because there has always been a lot of hype in this business.  Following a belief that the numbers don't lie, companies who earn a spot in the New Edge bronze to platinum performance rankings have revenue and earnings that are directly attributed to new ideas in the IT industry and a fast-growing product.

The performance ranking algorithm is a family secret.  But I hope the ideas here clearly point readers to the companies who are leading in the industry and the profit opportunities they present.

- Tom Finkenbinder