New Edge Publications

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2019). Market 3000! Let’s Slow Down Here, But Just a Little. Retrieved from

Some time to reflect on a big milestone for the S&P 500 Index reached in July 2019. In the long run, it’s twice the value since the turn of the century. This is as healthy an economy in terms of sector rotation seen in years. The bull may have more room to run.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2018). Cyber Defense, Sovereignty and Growth by Acquisition. Retrieved from

The deepest dive into Palo Alto Networks, their acquisition binge and relationship with the Israeli military and intelligence communities. Great tech comes out of government funded IT and PANW is taking every prudent advantage to round out its product platform.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2018). Cyber Growth, Building an Ecosystem.  Retrieved from

A deeper dive into Palo Alto Networks leadership role in cybersecurity, necessity of an ecosystem, strategic move into cloud applications for cyber and firewall solutions. New CEO Nikesh Arora asks for aggressive growth strategies.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2018). Skynet Virtual Observatory and Multi-Messenger Astronomy.

Space science and cosmology. A presentation made at the Almost Heaven Star Party, Experience Learning, Circleville, WV. Suggested laptop or desktop viewing in your browser. This presentation is also available on YouTube. Click here.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2018). NextGen Firewalls and the Cyber Business Cycle.  Retrieved from

Palo Alto Networks assumes a leadership role with Application Framework and Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection 5.0.  PANW is a New Edge Gold Performance company positioned to grow market share during consolidation of the cybersecurity industry.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2018). The Loudoun Technology Coalition Solicits Advice from a Panel of Blockchain Experts. Retrieved from The Loudoun Chamber Insider Blog.

Coverage of an event sponsored by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, Ashburn, VA, May 31, 2018.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2017). More Than an Indestructible Bull Market. Retrieved from

Discussion of Accounting Standards and Codification Rule 606, "Revenue from Contracts With Customers" and the impact of the rules on industries including Information Technology.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2017). Amateur Astronomy Online. Reflector Magazine, 69(3), pp.16-19.  Retrieved from

Space science and cosmology. Feature article in the June 2017 issue of Reflector Magazine, published by the Astronomical League, a non-profit organization sponsoring national publications and events for the amateur astronomy community.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2017). Chips Ride Atop the Leaderboard, Part 2.  Retrieved from

Discussion of recent performance of Macom, Inc. of Lowell, MA.  Implementing 100/400 Gb speed with data center switches using PAM-4 signaling.  Also discusses use of Gallium Nitride for chip substrate, improvement to performance of cell phone transmission antenna modules.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2017). Chips Ride Atop the Leaderboard, Part 1. Retrieved from

Nvidia's expansion wager from video drivers for gaming consoles into Graphics Processing Units (GPU's) that run in tandem with traditional CPU's to improve server performance in Enterprise IT and data centers.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2017). Equinix Buys Verizon Data Centers. Retrieved from

Short summary of the December 2016 agreement between Verizon and Equinix for the latter to purchase Network Access Points (NAP's) in Miami, the National Capital Region, Columbia and Brazil.  Verizon intends to use the proceeds to purchase Yahoo!, deal completed in 2017.

Finkenbinder, T.C. (2016). Hello!  Retrieved from

Introductory blog entry on the New Edge Analytics website, with a brief discussion about Qualcomm's 2016 proposal to buy NXP Semiconductors.