New Edge has research interests with the inputs to IT manufacturing which, when you consider for a moment, are software and semiconductors.  If you can find growth stories at the front of the supply chain, you can vet the financial worthiness - growth of sales and earnings - of companies that use these inputs all over the economy.  And make inferences about the health of innovative ideas in IT.

For example, you can actually see the demand - increasing quarterly sales - for chips with a company that makes fiber optic couplers to enable data center ports to run four times as fast; manufactured on circuit boards or outsourced by a company further along in the supply chain.  Who in turn sells their line of Ethernet switches to Amazon.  And maybe the features are software programmable - someone needs to write the code.

This site will be collections of articles, research, industry notes and links shared through our website that we use, in part, to find stories and make decisions about the timeliness of buying or selling a stock, starting or discontinuing a line of business, choosing among opportunities for private financing and the stages of deal flow: from seed capital to IPO to M&A.  A big undertaking so please be patient.

It’s said elsewhere on the website, we support STEM education, including programs for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children and young adults.  Following the notion that the inputs to building chips and code are an educated workforce and skilled labor.